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Research papers on inter-port systems and smart seaports



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Research papers on Semantic Intelligence to support port governance in developing capabilities on a common decision-making intention and sharing information with a port partner to envisage sustainable progress


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Research papers on challenges in the development of Decision Support Systems for ports, considering sustainable factors, practices and functions of the port


Bolívar-Anillo, H.J.; Asensio-Montesinos, F.; Reyes Almeida, G.; Solano Llanos, N.; Sánchez Moreno, H.; Orozco-Sánchez, C.J.; Villate Daza, D.A.; Iglesias-Navas, M.A.; Anfuso, G. (2023). Litter Content of Colombian Beaches and Mangrove Forests: Results from the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts. J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 11, 250.


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Halabi, A. X., Montoya-Torres, J. R., & Obregón, N. (2012). A Case Study of Group Decision Method for Environmental Foresight and Water Resources Planning Using a Fuzzy Approach. Group Decision and Negotiation, 21(2), 205–232.


Research papers on Systematic Literature Reviews

and Support for other Research Centers


Fernández-Otoya, F. A., Raposo-Rivas, M., & Halabi-Echeverry, A. X. (2022). A Qualitative Systematic Literature Review on Phonological Awareness in Preschoolers Supported by Information and Communication Technologies. Education Sciences, 12(6), 382. (Open Science)


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